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Writing debuggable code

Welcome to my obhomepage. I think that you will find it a classic example of what happens when hypertext grows up without supervision.

Jasmine's garagepage.

Garagepage for my Spec Miata.

25 Hour enduro

Performance Driving, A Practical Introduction

Race Team T-shirts

dance links

Information about the thurials Thursday night aerials and swing dance practice I used to facilitate.

Beth'z awayfromhomepage: Pictures and stories of her trip to Egypt, has been moved to:

Linux on a Vaio PCG FX190 A place where those of us running linux on an FX190 or FX190K can trade help and support.

Pictures of and by my nephew

Pictures of my friend Elena Levintova

My Pan Galactic Ghetto Blaster, a portable stereo suitable for putting on dances.

Last modified 17 May 2002

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